Arlington Independent School District
Water Well Fundraiser

Help Deliver Essential Hydration To Nepal

A Water Well For Nepal

Arlington Independent School District, a beacon of hope in education, is now reaching beyond classrooms and textbooks. Embracing their commitment to global stewardship, Arlington ISD is spearheading a critical fundraising mission, a mission to bring the vital resource of water to those who need it most. The goal is to construct a well in the beautiful yet water-deprived country of Nepal, and we invite you to be a part of this noble endeavor.
Every drop of water is a step towards a healthier, happier, and hopeful future for communities grappling with water scarcity. Arlington ISD is deeply invested in turning these drops into a steady stream. Embarking on an ambitious fundraising journey with UHR.

Together we aim to aims to raise $750 to construct a well in the heart of Nepal, a country where access to clean water is a pressing issue.

You can make your donation through Venmo, Zelle, Or the form below!

Target Goal $750
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Water and Sanitation (Arlington ISD)

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Water and Sanitation

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