A New Beginning for Bilal

Bilal is 30 years old and has been unemployed for two years. Bilal lives with his wife, two sons, and takes care of his parents and siblings. They live in Al Sharqiya, north of Gaza. Bilal reached out to our team in Gaza last year and completed an application requesting to help him start a small business, so he can earn his own income. Bilal is a persistent hard working individual and deserved a new start.

One of our very generous donors in Milwaukee heard of Bilal’s story! With his generous support, today Bilal owns a Tuk Tuk – a delivery vehicle that he can use to deliver food, supplies, or for transportation. Bilal and his family are very thankful for this gift and they are looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.

There are many young men like Bilal out there who need our help to pave the way for opportunity. Be the change they need. Donate today toward the UHR Sustainable Development Fund and help families become self-sufficient.

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